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T.R. Pescod, founder of TRP Design has been an international model and actor for over 2 decades. His modeling career has taken him around the world, promoting high end fashion and has also included many popular global commercial campaigns for clients like British Air, BMW, Porsche and Volvo. His acting has landed him many notable rolls, including appearances on 'Sex and the City' and 'Ugly Betty' in addition to film work with such artists as Julianne Moore and Robin Williams. In expressing his love of fine food and exquisite entertaining, TR was also a frequent guest host on the Food Network Show 'Barefoot Contessa'. 

After designing and building his own home in Southampton, NY, the house was published in HC&G, Beach Magazine, Southern Cottages and several European magazines. He began getting requests from local real estate agents and friends if he would be interested in helping design other’s homes. In 2014 he established his own design firm - TRP Design.

Taking inspiration from traditional North East Coast and Modern Scandinavian designs, TRP Design has converged a clean, comfortable, personal esthetic with a modern tilt. The firm has already completed a New England watch tower home, modern pool house, a Southern shingled cottage and other projects throughout the Hamptons.

Teaming together with local architects and talented craftsmen, TRP Design curates the entire building process, from concept to construction to completion. The goal of TRP Design is to curate clients' dreams, personalities and desires into state of the art construction and design to create unique, comfortable - and breathtaking Hamptons Homes.